Mountainair Public Schools Says Goodbye to Key Leader

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In a significant development for the Mountainair Public Schools, Superintendent Dawn Apodaca has announced her decision to retire, marking the end of an era for the district. The Mountainair Public Schools Board of Education disclosed this news to the Mountainair Dispatch on March 11, 2024, following discussions in an executive session during their February 27, 2024, meeting.

Superintendent Apodaca's tenure has been marked by numerous achievements and challenges, reflecting her commitment to the educational community in Mountainair. These challenges included unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct by students that led to an investigation by the New Mexico State Police and the continued challenges created by state regulations interfering with local policies concerning special education and mandated education hour requirements.

The Board of Education is now faced with the critical task of finding a suitable successor to Apodaca. Members of the board reported that Apodaca herself is assisting in the search for a replacement.

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