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Per Ad/Story ($43.08 after tax)

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To Sponsor a Month of Free Access to all Dispatch Content and to have your Ad on All Content That Month ($129.23 after tax)

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Current Rates

Just $40 Per Ad (which could feature on the top, bottom, or middle of a story) plus a backlink.

For the discounted rate of $120, you can sponsor a month of public access to posts from the Mountainair Dispatch and have your ads on every story that month.

Why You Should Advertise with the Mountainair Dispatch

There are 15,307 people living in Torrance County. Advertising in the Mountainair Dispatch is the best way to get your product or service in front of the greatest number of Torrance County residents.  Each month, the Mountainair Dispatch reaches thousands of readers. In fact, in February 2023, the first month that the Dispatch was in operation, it had a greater number of readers than the population of Mountainair.

Advertising with Google Adwords or Facebook Ads is complex and confusing. If you accidentally pick an overly-popular search term, you could be on the hook for astronomical fees (if you advertised for the keyword "attorney," you would pay $127.52 every single time your ad is clicked). Similarly, geofencing your ad so it doesn't appear for Belen or Albuquerque is complex, and if you don't get it right, you could be paying for clicks from people who will never travel to your business.

Advertising with the Mountainair Dispatch is simple.  Just pick the number of stories you want the ad to appear in, and you are ready to go. I can even help you design your ad.

Email Subscribers

When you advertise with the Mountainair Dispatch, you aren’t just getting access to the people who find their way to the website. The Dispatch already has a substantial email list subscriber base, which will only grow over time.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in advertising with the Mountainair Dispatch, you can either email me at and I will work with you to get the process started, or you can fill out this form that will walk you through what info I need to set up your ads.

What about ad sizes and formats?

Ad sizes are 970x500 px. Ads should be submitted in png/jpg/gif format. If you have a large brochure or one-sheet you would like sponsored, let me know and we can work around ad sizes, either with a landing page or through another solution.

FTC Regulations

Under federal law, sponsored content and influencer content has to be clearly identified to readers. This is to distinguish ads from news content. In all instances, ads will be clearly identified to readers. If you have any questions about how this will work, don't hesitate to get in touch with me.


Please, no adult content or hate speech. I reserve the right to say no to ads that I think are inappropriate for the Mountainair Dispatch.

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