Initial List of Candidates for the 2023 Local Elections

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A Thank You to the Torrance County Clerk's Office

Linda Jaramillo, Torrance County Clerk, was kind enough to pass along the initial candidate list for the 2023 Local Elections (it really was kind of her, as this was well after the close of business yesterday). This list of candidates is subject to individuals being disqualified for not meeting the requirements to run for their desired position. The final determination of disqualification will be on September 1, 2023.

How to Learn More About Your Candidates

This is a great opportunity for me to unveil that the Mountainair Dispatch will be creating a "meet the candidates" series of videos. On October 1, 2023, candidates will have the opportunity to sit down with me to present their platform in five minutes or less. After discussing their platform, I will ask questions of the candidates.  My goal, along with follow-up questions related to the candidates' platforms, is to ask your questions of the candidates. To that end, I have created a form where you can add your questions that you want to see asked of candidates. You can add your questions here. Please do so by September 30, 2023.

An Invitation to Candidates

If you are a candidate for office anywhere in Torrance County (not just in Mountainair), I want to encourage you to take part in the Meet the Candidates video event. Candidates will be interviewed on October 1, 2023, at the Dr. Saul Community Center in Mountainair, beginning at 1:00 PM.  You will have the opportunity to present your platform and answer questions regarding your positions. If you would like to participate, please email me at If you are unavailable on the 1st, please let me know, and we will see if an alternative date is possible. If you have visuals that are part of your platform (charts, graphs, photos, etc.) that you want to be part of the video, please let me know.

With that out of the way, here is your preliminary list of candidates for local elections.

Torrance County

Claunch Pinto Soil & Water Conservation Board - Soil & Water Supervisor (Landowner) Candidates

  • Felipe Lovato
  • Aubrey Dunn
  • Gerard L. Chavez

East Torrance Soil & Water Conservation Board - Soil & Water Supervisor Candidates

  • Jennifer Leigh Logan
  • Christina L. Estrada

East Torrance Soil & Water Conservation Board - Soil & Water Supervisor (Landowner) Candidates

  • Clayton B. Gardner


School Board Member Candidates

  • Hannah Lee Garrett


Councilor at Large Candidates

  • Steve C. Guzman
  • Corine A. Perez
  • Elias Sanchez
  • Patrick W. Pachta

Mayoral Candidates

  • Victor R. Gallegos


Trustee At Large Candidates

  • Irena Gwendolyn Moser
  • Amy Lynn May

School Board Member Candidates

  • Ashley D. Romero (at large)
  • Heather Marie Hedges (at large)
  • Sarah E. Lucero (at large)


Councilor at Large Candidates

  • Kimberly Delynn Garcia
  • Timothy R. Oden
  • Jeremy Anthony Trujillo
  • W. Brent Myrick

Mayoral Candidates

  • Steve Anaya
  • Brandon S. Webb

School Board Member Candidates

  • Denny Alan Young (position 2)
  • Albert Chavez (position 4)
  • Dorothy Encinas-Pachta (position 4)


Counselor at Large Candidates

  • Ernesto (Ernie) Lopez, Jr.
  • Annette E. Padilla
  • Bernadette McMahon
  • Gayle Ann Jones

Municipal Judge

  • Carlos McMahon

School Board Member Candidates

  • Victor R. Romero (at large)
  • Romona L. Medina
  • Ray F. Sharbutt
  • Darrell W. Roberts
  • Kristin Marie Kimberly Oliver


Trustee at Large Candidates

  • Fay Chavez
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