Mountainair Town Council Meets, Addresses Fire Trucks, Employee Holidays, and Surplus Equipment

December 6, 2022 Mountainair Town Council Meeting addresses fire trucks, employee holidays, and surplus equipment.

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, the Mountainair Town Council met to address the approval of the town employees’ holiday schedule, the purchase of a fire truck, purchase of sewer pipe, repair of a fire engine, and the sale or destruction of old property held within the Mountainair Town Hall. The Mountainair Town Council will meet again next on December 20, 2022 at 6:00 PM.

The Mountainair Town Council meeting was relatively brief, with no significant matters raised as the town’s department heads reported to the mayor and the town councilors. Mayor Nieto raised ‌the 2023 holiday schedule for Mountainair municipal employees, expressing a desire for the town to follow the state holiday calendar. The town council approved Mayor Nieto’s resolution setting forth the 2023 employee holiday schedule.

The town council approved a resolution to seek financial assistance from the New Mexico Financial Authority to purchase a fire tanker to replace one that leaked. While the town had intended to purchase a used tanker, this sale fell through, and therefore the town would purchase, for approximately $361,000, the new tanker truck.

Mayor Nieto sought approval of a quote for the purchase of sewer pipe from Southwest Piping Supplies. This quote arose out of a repair to sewer pipe in one of the town's public alleys. The Mountainair Town Council approved this request.

The mayor sought approval to pay 411 Equipment LLC for repairs totaling $7916.00 made to Mountainair Fire Department's Engine #3. The town council approved this request.

Noting that there was a large amount of office equipment causing clutter in the town hall, Mayor Nieto sought to sell or otherwise dispose of the office equipment. The town council agreed to the sale and destruction of these office supplies. The mayor stated he would post the items for sale locally and online, then clarified he would ensure that any computers that were being sold would have their hard drives removed to ensure there was no inadvertent disclosure of personally identifiable information. Following this matter, the town council meeting closed without public comment.


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