Mile-Long Yard Sale Brings Crowds to Estancia

Mile-Long Yard Sale Brings Crowds to Estancia
Charles Burson, Metal Sculptor - Todd Brogowski/Mountainair Dispatch

Thunderhead clouds assembled in formation on the eastern border of Estancia. While the clouds were an ominous sign, they were not deterrents to those participating in Estancia’s Mile Long Yard Sale on June 1, 2024. Tents and tables lined NM-41 from Joseph Avenue to Highland Avenue.

Burson with his sculptures - Todd Brogowski/Mountainair Dispatch

Charles Burson, a metal sculptor, explained that he had been selling his sculptures made of scrap to people for vacation homes. “They moved me to town because of my health,” he said of his family. While Burson talked about the popularity of his sculptures, an Estancia Police SUV passed by in the street.

Arlene Ferreira of Be-You-Tiful Creations shows off one of her designs - Todd Brogowski/Mountainair Dispatch

Further up 41, Arlene Ferreira was selling custom mugs and license plates. Ferreira runs the business Be-YOU-tiful Creations. She said that she thought sales were great, which she was happy about because she was expecting. “There are more people here this year,” Ferreira said.

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