Estancia Board of Trustees Continues Focus on Code Enforcement Issues and Baseball

Estancia Board of Trustees Continues Focus on Code Enforcement Issues and Baseball
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Interim Police Chief Jason Downing briefs the Estancia Board of Trustees - Zoom Screencap by Todd Brogowski/Mountainair Dispatch

The Estancia Board of Trustees meeting on November 6, 2023, began with a discussion of the eventual airing of the German Discovery Channel documentary that includes footage of the Estancia Police Department. Interim Police Chief Jason Downing also briefed the trustees on the progress toward obtaining a school resource officer for the Estancia Public School District.

Code Enforcement Officer William Teaney spoke about problems associated with workers from the nearby marijuana farm residing in RVs in town. Recently, the New Mexico Searchlight reported on how the operation was forced out of the Navajo Nation due to human trafficking and other concerns.

Sidwell Portico GIS Data regarding 515 Inverness Avenue, Estancia, NM, listing Juan Ramon Candelas-Acostas as the property owner. GIS Data/Satellite Image by The Sidwell Company.

Teaney stated that the individuals who continue to have problems with code compliance at 515 Inverness Avenue in Estancia are scheduled for trial on November 16, 2023. Juan Ramon Candelas-Acosta is listed as the property owner in Sidwell Portico planning and zoning maps. Teaney said the residents refused service of a certified letter regarding the matter.

Angela Creamer, Estancia Public Library Director, announced that the library would have a veterans event on Thursday, November 9, 2023, with coffee for attendees. The library will also do tax returns for seniors and lower-income families in February 2024.

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The trustees unanimously approved a job description for a records retention officer (the formal job title may differ), pending legal review.

Mayor Nathan Dial raised the creation of a public access program for the town so that people could get documents notarized for a $5.00 fee. After discussing collection costs, the trustees discussed whether the service should be free to residents and whether the service should be provided in the library. The trustees unanimously approved this measure.

Code Enforcement Officer Teaney and Trustee Albert Lovato introduced the creation of a Special Use Permit for the Baseball Facility Property for Lighting. Trustee Morrow Hall stated he was unsure as to the need for the special use ordinance. Teaney said the ordinance discussion was necessary in case people objected to the lights shining at the ballfield. He explained that the contractor working on the ballfield wanted some form of authorization documented before such work. Teaney said he did not think the permit was necessary, but felt that the contractor wanted the permit to avoid lawsuits and delays. Town clerk Jones suggested having a public hearing on the matter. "That's just wasting time," Hall said.

Mayor Dial introduced a discussion of creating a standard parade permit for groups that wanted to shut down roads. Dial explained that the goal was to eliminate inefficiency as the same documents were necessary each time a permit was submitted.

Mayor Dial introduced a motion to cancel the November 20, 2023, Board of Trustees Meeting. The trustees agreed to cancel the meeting.

The trustees went into executive session at the end of the meeting to discuss personnel matters.

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