An Update Regarding Advertising

An Update Regarding Advertising

If you look at the menu on the top of the page, you see that there’s a link to a tab labeled “Advertising.” In order to cover the expenses of reporting (police scanners, camera equipment, gas, vehicle maintenance, etc.), I will be using a mix of advertising and subscriptions.

How will this work?

  • Paying subscribers will always have access to everything. You are the lifeblood of the Mountainair Dispatch.
  • When advertisers sponsor posts fully, then those posts will be public access, free for all to see.
  • When a post is partially sponsored, then it will be available to free and paid subscribers.
Certain Posts will Always Be Public. Election results, posts that relate to public safety, and public announcements will always be free and accessible to the public. These are too important to put behind the paywall.

Your Thoughts

Since starting the Mountainair Dispatch, I have been lucky in that I have gotten a lot of constructive criticism. That helps me learn what works best for my readers. If you have thoughts - good or bad - regarding subscriptions or advertising, please let me know, either by commenting on social media or by emailing

Advertise with the Dispatch: If you are interested in advertising with the Mountainair Dispatch, you can either email me at and I will work with you to get the process started, or you can fill out this form that will walk you through what info I need to set up your ads.
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