Business Networking in Torrance County

People involved in business networking (stock image)
Photo by Evangeline Shaw / Unsplash

On December 20, 2023, the Greater East Mountain Chamber of Commerce, also known as the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce, announced that it was shutting its doors. As far as is known, this was the only business networking organization targeting at least some part of Torrance County. There's no reason, however, that the people of Torrance County should do without an organization that supports businesses through networking events, advocates for local businesses in the community, and works to improve the overall economic well-being of Torrance County.

Greater East Mountain Chamber of Commerce notice regarding shutting down.

I have spoken with many local business owners who have expressed interest in being able to network with other businesses and have also seen many workers seeking help in job searches. I believe an effective business support organization, like a chamber of commerce, could help Torrance County.

If you are interested in taking part in such an organization, please fill out the form located here.

I will email everyone that’s interested when there are updates and upcoming events.

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