Mountainair Public Schools Honors Veterans

Mountainair Public Schools Honors Veterans
Image courtesy of Dennis Fulfer
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Mountainair Elementary School students, faculty, and staff gathered to pay tribute to veterans in a celebration on November 9, 2023. Frito pie greeted a small group of men at the entrance to Mountainair Elementary School. School administrators, faculty, staff and students welcomed these men (while there are many female veterans, none were present for this event) for lunch. The veterans shared their experiences with the students and other guests, to include one Special Forces veteran with over 40 years of military experience.

The highlight of the luncheon was the presentation of handmade cards and American flags by the students to each veteran. These tokens of appreciation symbolized the students鈥 gratitude for the veterans.

Following the luncheon, a ceremony was held in the school auditorium. Principal Victoria Baca gave a short speech regarding the values that lead service-members to enlist or seek a commission. Afterwards, the students and veterans gathered for photos.

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